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Fibroptic thermometer for Glass applications
High Temperature Measurement in the Glass Industry – Model FG
Fibroptic Model FG gives you continuous and reliable remote temperature measurement at the critical points in your plant or process – effectively and economically.
  Land FLT5A
Glass – Float line thermometer Land FLT5A
The Land FLT5A is designed specifically for use in float lines, measuring glass surface temperature in the range 250 to 1100 °C, with excellent precision and long-term stability.
Glass – Mould Thermometer GMT
Glass – Mould Thermometer GMT
The Land GMT system has been designed for rapid, accurate temperature measurement on glass moulds.
Vapour Deposition Thermometer – VDT
Vapour Deposition – Preform Temperature
Efficient, high yield production of low loss, high bandwidth optical fibre for telecommunication demands precise measurement and control of preform temperature during the various deposition processes employed.
JRG/A Glass Thermometer With Water Cooled P/J Probe
Plate and Float Glass
Plate and float glass temperatures during the cooling and annealing processes must be kept extremely uniform or with carefully controlled gradients. The temperature uniformity of the glass across the width of the bath in the float process is also important.
High-Speed Temperature Scanner
Toughened Glass
The LANDSCAN Glass Toughening System incorporates the LSPhd 5 series scanner which samples the glass surface up to 100,000 times per second using high performance optics allowing detection of even the smallest variations in temperature. The signals are transmitted via a single pre-assembled cable to a dedicated industrial processor unit which produces process control signals and provides data to the display PC.


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Furnace Thermometer System – FTS
Reheat Furnace
A radiation thermometer system, using two sensors, provides a continuous true temperature of the reheat furnace load and with it the possibility of big savings in operation costs.
Understrip Temperature Measurement System
Understrip Thermometer
Land ruggedized fibroptic systems located at different positions under the mill roller table view the target between the rolls and provide continuous accurate measurement, without contact, of the scale-free metal surface.
Wire and rod measurement at the Water Box
Rod and wire
The Target Orbiter (TO) Thermometer is designed specifically to provide accurate temperature measurement on narrow, moving and intermittent targets.
Continuous thermal mapping of refractory condition
Automated Torpedo Car Refractory Thermal Monitoring
Integrated steel mills use torpedo cars to transport molten metal from the blast furnace.
Continuous thermal mapping to minimise slag carry-over in steel production
Slag Detection System
The LAND Slag Detection System is specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of continuous operation in the steel plant.The rugged industrial sensor continuously views the tapping area. As the tap commences, the dedicated software automatically begins to record the tap. When the level of slag reaches the pre-determined level an alarm is generated to stop the tap. The tap recording will end and the data stored.Full access to the tapping data is available to the operator for quality control purposes.
Fixed Thermal Imaging System for Plant Safety and Cost Control
Vessel Manager – Ladle Refractory Monitoring System
The Vessel Manager Ladle Refractory Monitoring System provides an accurate and reliable measurement solution to ensure plant safety and help set maintenance schedules in steel plants across the world.


[tab title=”Metal Processing”]

Galvanneal Strip Thermometer – GST
Accurate, reliable temperature measurement and control of galvannealing steel with the new galvanneal strip thermometer system … GST
Liquid Metal Temperature Measurement System
The system is available as a fixed on-line system for continuous liquid metal temperatures or as a portable system for spot measurements.
Aluminium Billet Thermometer – ABT
Aluminium Billet Temperature
The Aluminium Billet Thermometer represents a major advance in the measurement of billet temperature.
Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer – AET
Extrusion Temperature
The AET thermometer is specifically designed for temperature measurements in the aluminium extrusion process.
Aluminium Quench Thermometer – AQT
Aluminium Quench Thermometer
The new AQT ensures continuous, stable and accurate measurement of extruded sections leaving the quench without interrupting the process.
Aluminium Die Preheat Thermometer – ADT
Die Preheat
The Aluminium Die Thermometer (ADT) is designed specifically to provide temperature measurement of the die prior to being loaded into the press.
Aluminium Strip Thermometer – AST
Aluminium Rolling
The Land Aluminium Strip Thermometer System – AST is a unique infrared radiation thermometer with an intelligent dedicated processor and ‘set up’ unit.
Aluminium Coiler Process Thermal Imaging System
FTI-E – Aluminium Strip Coiling
The Aluminium Strip Coiling system uses unique Coil Tracking software to revolutionise product quality and process control in aluminium industry – through the introduction of 2-dimensional temperature profiling independent of alloy type.


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Rugged, High-Performance Infrared Thermometers
The Land RT8A infrared thermometers provide cost effective, accurate and reliable temperature measurement of moving materials, webs or inaccessible objects without contact.
Roadstone Thermometer
Roadstone Thermometer
The RT8A Roadstone Thermometer is Land’s latest thermometer designed specifically for the Roadstone Industry.


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  Hot Spot Detection in Coal Piles
Coal Pile Fire Monitor
High resolution radiometric thermal imagers, giving detailed temperature information transmitted via a high speed digital connection
Infrared Thermal Imaging helping to combat the threat of the Swine Flu pandemic
Human Body Temperature Measurement System
State of the art infrared detector and electronic signal processing technologies have been combined to provide a high performance, compact thermal imaging camera system for screening and body temperature measurement purposes.
High accuracy screening for Swine Flu / H1 N1 virus
vIRalert – Fever Screening System
When rapid screening of a large number of people is required to prevent the spread of fever, the most effective method is a fixed thermal imaging system.The vIRalert system can be installed to look at the faces of people passing through a doorway. If elevated temperatures are detected, an alarm condition will alert a staff member who can decide whether further action is required.The vIRalert system uses the proven technique of in-scene calibration to give unparalleled accuracy compared to other imaging camera techniques. LAND human body temperature measurement systems have been operated successfully at airports around the world since the SARS outbreak in 2003.
Incinerator Thermometer – CDA
Waste Incinerators
The CDA incinerator thermometer is intended for measurement of the atmosphere temperature in waste incinerators.
  Hotspot Detection for Continuous Process Monitoring and Quality Control
HotSpotIR – Supercalendar Roll
Today’s fine papers are finished in a super calendering stack. This stack of rolls consists of alternating hard and soft faced rolls which are pushed together under pressure.Paper is fed through this stack and as the paper progresses through these rolls it becomes increasingly smoother and obtains a finer surface finish.The soft faced rolls in these machines are covered with a pliable polymer or felt coating.


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