Aluminium Quench Thermometer

This thermometer uses the same technology as AET and has been designed specifically to provide accurate temperature measurement at the quench exit.
The information it provides can be used in conjunction with data from the die exit system to verify the cooling rates which are required to achieve correct mechanical properties in temperature-critical alloys.

Key Features

  • Straight from the box operation.
  • Stability.
  • Temperature and surface finish.
  • Automatic shape compensation.
  • Automatic alloy compensation.
  • Optimisation method.
  • Laser alignment.
  • Ambient light shade.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, accurate measurement of extrusion cooling rate.
  • Long term measurement stability.
  • Accuracy unaffected by change of extrusion shape.
  • Continuous measurement without interruption to the process.
  • Simple, low-cost installation with minimal maintenance.
  • Industry standard 4 to 20mA output.
The new Aluminium Quench Thermometer System (AQT) has been developed specifically to allow stable and accurate temperature measurement on extruded sections exiting a water or high-velocity air quench.
It is a further development of the very successful LAND Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer System (AET), which provides a highly accurate temperature measurement on a wide range of freshly extruded sections.
Used in conjunction with the die exit measurement, it verifies the cooling rates required to achieve correct mechanical properties on temperature-critical alloys.
AQT senses infrared radiation at two pairs of two wavelengths. The signals are analysed to provide an accurate measurement of temperature and also an indication of surface finish.AQT is simple to configure in its basic mode of operation, which handles most extrusion applications. It also has the power to cope with even the most difficult applications.


Straight from the box operation
AQT does not require elaborate set-up procedures. It can be fitted straight from the box and will measure with precision, provided care is taken to exclude ambient light reflections. (See below).

AQT uses the unique to LAND auto calibration technique proven over many years in LAND GP4 and RP4 thermometers. This gives exceptional measurement stability over years of operation.

Temperature and surface finish
The system displays surface emissivity as well as temperature. The emissivity value provides a good indication of surface quality, therefore enabling the press operator to detect die wear, leading to a deteriorating finish, at an early stage.

Automatic shape compensation
The system automatically compensates for product shape over very wide limits.

Automatic alloy compensation
The system automatically compensates for all 6000 series and most other common extrusion alloys.

Optimisation method
About 90% of extrusion applications can be met straight from the box, i.e. with the LMG AE processor left at factory settings. Exceptional situations are accommodated by trimming the system with reference to a special LAND supplied contact thermocouple using the supplied LAND APCOS software. These might include very highly featured sections, such as finned heat exchangers, and certain unusual alloys. Once determined, special settings can be quickly input to the system either manually or via an RS232C/RS422 serial link using APCOS.

Laser alignment
An Alignment Actuator is used in conjunction with either the signal strength indication on the LMG AE processor, or the built-in thermometer alignment laser, to control the position of the thermometer target spot. This allows rapid and precise realignment following die changes.

Ambient light shade
Daylight or radiation from other high temperature sources, reflected from the surface into the sensor head, can give rise to measurement errors. A well shaded location is essential, and it may be necessary to provide some additional screening. Advice on choosing a suitable location is given in the system Operating Instructions.
Low Temperature (C): 200 High Temperature (C): 500
Technical Details
The system comprises a carefully characterised Land System 4 thermometer head and a dedicated signal processor.
Temperature range
200 to 500°C/400 to 900 °F
220 to 450 °C/430 to 850 °F
Accuracy in application: 10 °C/18 °F (with adequate screening from ambient radiation)
System outputs from LMG AE Processor
Temperature: 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA linear over selected range
Emissivity: 0.02 to 1.00V represents e = 0.02 to 1.00
Serial communications: RS422, RS232
Alarm relays: 50V a.c./d.c., 0.5A
Ambient temperature limits: 5 to 45 °C/40 to 110 °F (thermometer); 5 to 50°C/40 to 120 °F (processor)
Power supply: 100/110/120/200/220/240V a.c. ±10%, 50 to 60 Hz ±5%
Power consumption: 20VA nominal
Standard: S4P/S4J thermometer protection jacket and purge, S4CA end cap:
Optional: Quick adjust mounting fixture:
AET calibration checker:
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