LAND, acknowledged leaders in the field of glass temperature measurement, have supplied the glass container and hollowware industry throughout the world with temperature measuring equipment for over 55 years. Today, LAND manufacture a whole range of measurement instruments specifically designed for the glass industry. Designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate glass temperature measurements under plant operating conditions. The measurement of glass temperature at critical locations in the production process is essential for the full understanding and efficient control of glass manufacture and processing.

Float Glass Temperature - Land Instruments

High Temperature Measurement in the Glass Industry – FG

Fibroptic Model FG gives you continuous and reliable remote temperature measurement at the critical points in your plant or process – effectively and economically.

Glass Temperature FloatLine Thermometer System - Land Instruments

Float Line Thermometer – FLT5A

The Land FLT5A is designed specifically for use in float lines, measuring glass surface temperature in the range 250 to 1100 °C, with excellent precision and long-term stability.

Glass Mould Thermometer - Land Instruments

Mould Thermometer – GMT

The Land GMT system has been designed for rapid, accurate temperature measurement on glass moulds.


Vapour Deposition Thermometer - Land Instruments

Vapour Deposition Thermometer – VDT

Efficient, high yield production of low loss, high bandwidth optical fibre for telecommunication demands precise measurement and control of preform temperature during the various deposition processes employed.

Plate and Float Glass Temperature - Land Instruments

Plate and Float Glass Temperature – RG/A

Plate and float glass temperatures during the cooling and annealing processes must be kept extremely uniform or with carefully controlled gradients. The temperature uniformity of the glass across the width of the bath in the float process is also important.


Toughened Glass Temperature - Land Insturments

Toughened Glass – LSP-hd/Solonet

The LANDSCAN Glass Toughening System incorporates the LSPhd 5 series scanner which samples the glass surface up to 100,000 times per second using high performance optics allowing detection of even the smallest variations in temperature. The signals are transmitted via a single pre-assembled cable to a dedicated industrial processor unit which produces process control signals and provides data to the display PC.

More Glass Temperature Information

Typical Applications in the Glass Industry can be found on the Land Instruments Glass Temperature website.

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