GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer SystemThe Land GMT Glass Mould Thermometer system has been designed to make accurate temperature measurement on glass moulds. It replaces the former Land YQA system and provides similar measurement precision from a much more portable, user-friendly instrument.

The LAND GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer system additionally provides a powerful data logging capability with storage for up to 1000 measurements, which can be downloaded into spreadsheet programs using the supplied MS Windows download software.

GMT comprises a handheld thermometer and processor, inter- connected by a short rugged, detachable cable. The thermometer has an infrared detector with associated electronics and a rigid fibre optics probe, the tip of which is momentarily touched to the hot surface to make a measurement. The processor has an easy to read LCD graphics display, capture and operating buttons, and a data store. A single 9V battery powers the whole system.

GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer Key Features & Benefits

  • New: Readings can now be logged with a time and date identifier – allowing a wider variety of analyses to be performed on the temperature data.
  • Fast, easy, single button measurement: Touch the probe tip to the target surface and press the capture button. The temperature is taken and displayed (and in logging mode, stored).
  • Accurate: Spectral response is 0.8 to 1.0µm. Short wavelength operation minimises errors due to emissivity and/or optics contamination.
  • Portable and convenient: Thermometer and processor are robust and lightweight. Thermometers are interchangeable on site, with probes of different lengths and bends.
  • Powerful data logging: Up to 1000 readings can be stored, each reading comprising: temperature, time and date, emissivity and an optional location identifier. The stored data can be downloaded via a RS232C port to PC for spreadsheet analysis.

GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer Specifications

Temperature range: 350 to 650°C
Waveband: 0.8 to 1.0 µm
Speed of response: Detector circuit time constant 10ms acquisition interval 100ms
Repeatability: 1°C
Absolute accuracy: 4°C
Power requirement: Battery, 9V (powered from processor)
Ambient temperature limits: Thermometer head 10 to 40°C maximum
Weight: 0.5kg with 300mm probe
0.6kg with 600mm probe
Sealing: IP65/NEMA 4
Display LCD 128×64 pixels, backlit
Logging 1000 readings downloaded to PC via RS232C port, with time and date, and emissivity
Emissivity limits 0.3 to 1.0
Power requirement A single alkaline 9V battery will power the system for 40+ hours (10+ hours if display back light is used continuously)
Ambient temperature limits 10 to 40°C
Weight 0.75kg
Sealing IP65/NEMA 4
Probe 300mm length Straight
45° bend
90° bend
Probe 600mm length Straight
45° bend
90° bend

GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer Information

GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer System GMT Glass Mould Temperature Thermometer – Datasheet

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