Human Body Temperature Measurement System
Infrared Thermal Imaging helping to combat the threat of the Swine Flu pandemic

The need for fast, accurate determination of human body temperature has lead to Land Instruments International – one of the world’s leading specialists in infrared temperature measurement – developing a high-resolution thermal imaging camera system capable of discerning small differences in temperature.The thermal imaging system provides a thermographic image of human body temperatures (typically the face) at a distance and comparing it with that of an extremely precise blackbody calibration source at high speed – 30 frames per second – to provide a highly accurate measurement of body temperature.Thermal imaging is a fast non-intrusive, non-contact means of detecting temperature radiance differences. The Land thermal imaging system, utilising a certified calibrated source, provides unparallel accuracy compared to other imaging camera techniques.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Complete system solution
  • Miniature, continuous operation on-line thermal imagers
  • Certified temperature calibration source
  • Simple installation
  • Remote control from a PC using proven, dedicated imaging software
  • Extensive thermal image processing capability
  • Alarm functions
  • Information exchange with other applications using DDE and OLE, such as Microsoft Office or LabView


The powerful combination of thermal imager and image processing software is intended to assist in preventing the spread of this highly contagious virus. The system has the added benefit of using a certified temperature calibration source to provide a level of accuracy unparalleled by existing thermal imaging equipment.

Low Temperature (C): -20 High Temperature (C): 100
Download Datasheet
HBTMS – datasheet

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