Metal Processing

LAND manufacture a range of measurement instruments specifically designed for metals processing industries which are used throughout the world. All are designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate measurements under plant operating conditions.

GST – Galvanneal Strip Thermometer

Accurate, reliable temperature measurement and control of galvannealing steel with the new galvanneal strip thermometer system …

MZ0.55 – Liquid Metal Temperature Measurement System – Foundry

The system is available as a fixed on-line system for continuous liquid metal temperatures or as a portable system for spot measurements.

ABT - Aluminium_Billet_Thermometer

ABT – Aluminium Billet Thermometer

The Aluminium Billet Thermometer represents a major advance in the measurement of billet temperature.

Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer – AET

AET – Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer

The AET thermometer is specifically designed for temperature measurements in the aluminium extrusion process.



AQT – Aluminium Quench Thermometer

The new AQT ensures continuous, stable and accurate measurement of extruded sections leaving the quench without interrupting the process.

ADT - Aluminium Die Preheat Thermometer

ADT – Aluminium Die Preheat Thermometer

The Aluminium Die Thermometer (ADT) is designed specifically to provide temperature measurement of the die prior to being loaded into the press.

AST – Aluminium Strip Thermometer

The Land Aluminium Rolling Strip Thermometer System – AST is a unique infrared radiation thermometer with an intelligent dedicated processor and ‘set up’ unit.


FTI – Aluminium Strip Coiling Process Thermal Imaging System

The Aluminium Strip Coiling system uses unique Coil Tracking software to revolutionise product quality and process control in aluminium industry – through the introduction of 2-dimensional temperature profiling independent of alloy type.


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