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Temperature Solutions with Land Instruments extensive range of on-line and portable radiation thermometers and systems are used to provide many temperature solutions. The infrared thermometer, infrared linescanners and thermal imagers are used extensively in applications as diverse as Ceramics, Chemical/Petrochemical, Food, Medical/Biological, Paper, Rubber, Textiles, and a wide range of other industries and has given solutions for early detection of dangerous situations, quality insurance, airport screening, etc.
If your application is not covered and you require further information or free advice on specific temperature measurement solutions within any industry, contact us.

Temperature Solution CoalPile Fire Detection

FTI CoalPile Monitoring – HotSpot Detection in Coal Piles

High resolution radiometric thermal imagers, giving detailed temperature information transmitted via a high speed digital connection..

Temperature Solution Critical Vessel Monitoring

Critical Vessel Monitoring System

The proven Critical Vessel Monitoring System from LAND is able to provide a significantly improved measurement density with one measurement per 16cm2/0.02 ft2 allowing earlier detection of refractory breakdown often before the problem becomes dangerous.

Temperature Solution Human Body Temperature

HBTMS – Human Body Temperature Measurement System

State of the art infrared detector and electronic signal processing technologies have been combined to provide a high performance, compact thermal imaging camera system for screening and body temperature measurement purposes.

Temperature Solution Fever Detection

vIRalert – Fever Screening System

High accuracy screening for Swine Flu / H1 N1 virus
When rapid screening of a large number of people is required to prevent the spread of fever, the most effective method is a fixed thermal imaging system.The vIRalert system can be installed to look at the faces of people passing through a doorway. If elevated temperatures are detected….

Temperature Solution Combustion Gasses

CDA – Incinerator Thermometer

The CDA incinerator thermometer is intended for measurement of the atmosphere temperature in waste incinerators.

Temperature Solution HotSPotIR

HotSpotIR – Hotspot detection for Continuous Process Monitoring in Paper and Supercalander process

Today’s fine papers are finished in a super calendering stack. This stack of rolls consists of alternating hard and soft faced rolls which are pushed together under pressure. Paper is fed through this stack and as the paper progresses through these rolls it becomes increasingly smoother and obtains a finer surface finish.The soft faced rolls in these machines are covered with a pliable polymer or felt coating.


Condition Monitoring – Plant & Machinery

Condition Monitoring of the operation of plant or machinery inevitably results in the emission of heat, either from energy conversion processes, for example combustion or electrical heating, or from the action of forces such as friction, torsion or mechanical stresses. The energy released is conducted to the surface where it is lost principally by radiation and convection.

Your application Temperature Solution not covered?

If your application is not covered and you require further information or free advice on specific temperature measurement solutions within any industry, contact us.

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