Rod and wire

 Wire and rod measurement at the Water Box

Target Orbiter Thermometers are available in both System 4 and UNO stand alone radiation thermometer formats. Combining fast, millisecond response with peak picker signal processing, they represent a single, compact and very elegant solution to many measurement problems.There are numerous situations in infrared thermometry for which a single, fixed thermometer cannot provide accurate and continuous temperature measurement, giving at best intermittent data.
Monitoring the temperature of coiling wire or hot rods on a rod mill, the lateral movement of fast moving product provides a perfect example of such a problem. Another is the temperature measurement of heavily scaled steel ingots or billets, which can can only be truly measured by picking out the randomly distributed, clean or thinly scaled surface areas.

The solution for these difficult applications is the LAND Target Orbiter (TO) thermometer. This instrument orbits the target spot around a central point.

Based on the System 4 M1 non contact radiation thermometer, M2 non contact radiation thermometer and the UNO1 or UNO2 stand alone radiation thermometers. Fast, millisecond response, combined with peak picker signal processing, ensure that these instruments represent a single, compact and very elegant solution to such problems.

In the first example of moving wires or rods the measurement spot intersects the target surface up to six times a second, effectively giving a continuous value for the surface temperature.
In the case of scaled steel the ‘scanning’ action provides a far higher detection rate for the clean ‘hot spots’. 

Low Temperature (C): 10 High Temperature (C): 50
Technical Details
System 4 thermometers
UNO stand alone thermometers
Ambient Temperature Range:
10 to 50°C/50 to 122°F
Rate of rotation of target about optic/mechanical axis
Off axis half angle of target centre
The thermometer measures accurately on target sizes down to and including 1.25 times the in focus target spot diameter (typically 99.8% of target temperature for 100:1 F.O.V.).


System 4
Model   Optical FOV Part Number
M1 600/1600C-V-TO 100:1 092.533
M1 600/1600C-S-TO 100:1 092.534
M1 1100/2900F-V-TO 100:1 092.535
M1 1100/2900F-S-TO 100:1 092.536
M1 800/2600C-V-TO 200:1 092.537
M1 800/2600C-S-TO 200:1 092.538
M1 1500/4700F-V-TO 200:1 092.539
M1 1500/4700F-S-TO 200:1 092.540
M2 300/1100C-V-TO 100:1 092.541
M2 300/1100C-S-TO 100:1 092.542
M2 600/2000F-V-TO 100:1 092.543
M2 600/2000F-S-TO 100:1 092.544
Model   Optical FOV Part Number
U1 600/1600C-V-TO 100:1 092.545
U1 600/1600C-S-TO 100:1 092.546
U1 1100/2900F-V-TO 100:1 092.547
U1 1100/2900F-S-TO 100:1 092.548
U1 800/2600C-V-TO 200:1 092.549
U1 800/2600C-S-TO 200:1 092.550
U1 1500/4700F-V-TO 200:1 092.551
U1 1500/4700F-S-TO 200:1 092.552
U2 300/1100C-V-TO 100:1 092.553
U2 300/1100C-S-TO 100:1 092.554
U2 600/2000F-V-TO 100:1 092.555
U2 600/2000F-S-TO 100:1 092.556

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