SPOT Software

Land SPOT Viewer Software The LAND SPOT Viewer is a PC–based utility that allows you to remotely configure, display and log view data from up to 254 different SPOT thermometer locations. It communicates with the instruments over TCP/IP. SPOT Viewer … Continue reading

System5 | SPOT

What is the System5 | SPOT infrared thermometer? SPOT is a new range of innovative stand-alone design, non-contact infrared thermometers with advanced integrated processing capabilities. The System5 | SPOT utilizes the latest technologies to make measurement more accurate and easier … Continue reading

Website Links

Overzicht van fabrikanten en sites welke door Solinas Benelux BV worden vertegenwoordigd. Informatie over contactloze sensoren en instrumenten voor vele toepassingen en oplossingen vindt u op deze websites. Heeft u vragen over uw specifieke applicatie, neemt u dan gerust contact … Continue reading

Other Solutions

Temperature Solutions with Land Instruments extensive range of on-line and portable radiation thermometers and systems are used to provide many temperature solutions. The infrared thermometer, infrared linescanners and thermal imagers are used extensively in applications as diverse as Ceramics, Chemical/Petrochemical, … Continue reading