Bench-mounted primary standard Calibration Source

LandCAL P1200B Calibration SourceLANDCAL P1200B is a bench mounted, primary standard, variable temperature source designed for testing and precise calibration of most industrial radiation thermometers, thermographic equipment and thermocouples.

The LANDCAL P1200B is a bench mounted, primary temperature source designed for testing and precise calibration of most infrared radiation thermometers at temperatures up to 1150 °C. The isothermal enclosure provides a highly stable, uniform temperature along the length of the cavity, which is also suitable for the calibration of thermographic instruments and also the calibration of thermocouples by the comparison method.

The large diameter, conical ended, blackbody cavity is heated by three separate, independently controlled electrical windings which can be adjusted to minimise thermal gradients. The temperature of the cavity is measured using an optional rare metal thermocouple supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate. A second optional rare metalthermocouple can also be supplied to determine thermal gradients.

Specifications LandCAL P1200B Calibration Source

Maximum temperature 1150°C
Recommended temperature 150 to 1100 °C
Heating rate 2 hours to 1000 °C
Stability < ±1 °C over 30 min. at set temp.
Radiation cavity
Silicon carbide
50mm dia x 300mm
Sighting tube extension 100mm
Emissivity 0.998
Heating elements Resistance wire
Control thermocouple Nicrosil-Nisil, type N
Controller Eurotherm with RS232C serial interface
Power requirement 220/240V or 110/120V a.c., 50 to 60Hz
Power consumption 3.0 kVA
Measuring thermocouple Type B (6/30), R (0/13) or S (0/10)
Dimensions 700 x 360 x 535mm (L x W x H)
Weight 33.0kg

More Information about the P1200B

LandCAL Calibration Source LandCAL Calibration Sources – Datasheet

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