Bench-mounted primary standard Calibration Source

LandCAL P1600B2 Calibration SourceLANDCAL P1600B2 is a improved bench mounted, primary standard, variable temperature source designed for testing and precise calibration of most high temperature industrial radiation thermometers, thermographic equipment and thermocouples.

The LANDCAL P1600B2 is high stability, bench mounted primary temperature source designed for testing and precise calibration of most industrial infrared radiation thermometers at temperatures up to 1600 °C. The isothermal enclosure rovides a highly stable, uniform temperature along the length of the cavity, which is suitable for the calibration of thermographic nstruments and also the calibration of thermocouples by the comparison method.

The large diameter, conical ended, blackbody cavity is heated by six robust silicon carbide heating elements equally spaced round the cavity, providing continous, reliable operation over many years. The temperature of the cavity is measured using an ptional rare metal thermocouple supplied complete with traceable calibration certificate.

Specifications LandCAL P1600B2 Calibration Source

Maximum temperature 1600 °C
Recommended temperature 500 to 1550 °C
Heating rate 1.5 hours to 1400 °C
Stability < ±0.5 °C over 60 min at set temperature
Radiation cavity
Silicon carbide
50mm dia. x 300mm
Sighting tube extension 49mm dia. x 100mm
Emissivity 0.998
Heating elements (6) SiC 151/356/20/25.4/7.4
Control thermocouple Pt 13% Rh/Pt, Type R
Controller Eurotherm with RS232C serial interface Eurotherm
Power requirement 220/240V a.c. 50 to 60Hz, or 415/240V or 380/220V (3 phase)
Power consumption 7.0kVA, 2.3kVA per phase (3 phase)
Measuring thermocouple Type B (6/30), R (0/13) or S (0/10)
Dimensions 865 x 500 x 700mm (L x W x H)
Weight 62.0kg

 More Information about the P1600B2

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