High Temperature Transportable blackbody Reference source

LandCAL R1200P Reference SourceLANDCAL R1200P is a high stability portable, blackbody reference standard source. R1200P can be used for both on-site or laboratory calibration of a range of short wavelength thermometers, such as System 4 and Fibroptic radiation thermometers.

The LANDCAL R1200P is a high stability, blackbody, reference source designed for calibration of infrared radiation thermometers at temperatures up to 1200°C.

It is completely portable and self-contained, with built-in 3-term controller and separate digital temperature indicator, giving ±1°C resolution.

The R1200P can be used for both on-site or in-laboratory calibration of LAND fixed system and Fibroptic short wavelength radiation thermometers. A calibration certificate can also be supplied as an optional extra where traceability is required.

An angle bracket is mounted on the front of the furnace to aid alignment of the thermometers into the cavity. A robust carrying case is also available as an optional extra.

Specifications LandCAL R1200P Reference Source

Maximum temperature 1200 °C
Recommended temperature 350 to 1150 °C
Heating rate 25 min to 1150 °C
Radiation cavity Type
Heat resisting steel (Kanthal APM), 120 ° cone
55mm dia. x 110mm
External aperture 30mm dia
Emissivity >0.98 at short wavelengths
Controller Eurotherm with RS232C serial interface
Indicator Eurotherm
Power requirement Dual voltage 115V or 230V a.c., 50 to 60Hz selectable
Power consumption 1.1kVA
Oveall dimensions 200 x 300 x 340mm (L x W x H)
Weight 8.8kg
Uncertainty (400 to 1100 °C) ±3K/6°F (with traceable certificate)

 More Information about the R1200P

 LandCAL Reference Source LandCAL Calibration Sources – Datasheet



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