System5 | SPOT

System5 | SPOT Rear viewWhat is the System5 | SPOT infrared thermometer?

SPOT is a new range of innovative stand-alone design, non-contact infrared thermometers with advanced integrated processing capabilities. The System5 | SPOT utilizes the latest technologies to make measurement more accurate and easier for the operator to use than ever before.

SPOT Thermometer Serie

Thermometer type, temperature range, spectral response and optical characteristics are chosen to suit applications from 250 to 1800°C. All thermometers can be setup via the rear user interface or remotely via the webserver. The System5 | SPOT thermometers are avaible as:

  • Single Wavelength Models
  • Multi- Wavelength Models (Ratio)
  • Single and Multi Wavelength Fibre-optic Models

What makes the System5 | SPOT Thermometer unique ?

  • The combination of Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Video and analog all from one device
  • Confirmation of focus distance and spot size
  • Multiple form factors enable easy replacement of other thermometers
  • Uses two independent wavelength measurements for the Ratio and Multi modes

Why is SPOT unique?

  • It’s the combination of all of these features in one thermometer
  • R models use dual wavelength detectors
  • All processing integrated into the sensor
  • Simplified installation, set up and use
  • Precision Optics
  • Multiple output formats
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Wider measurement temperature range
  • Temperature spans easily configured
  • Local and Remote configuration

Five Operating Modes with the Multi Wavelenght models

The SPOT multi wave models offers five different operating modes selectable from the set-up menu.

  • Ratio – Short wavelength ratio design
  • Mono 1    Shorter wavelength, medium to high temperatures
  • Mono 2    Longer wavelength, low to medium temperatures
  • Multi    Extended range – Ratio in the mid and high range with low temperature monochromatic with Emissivitycorrection
  • Duo    Extended range – Mono 2 at low temperatures, Mono 1 at high temperatures, using a combination of the two at medium temperatures


Land System 5 Spot R100 Overview

Land System 5 Spot R100 Overview 2

R is for Ratio and multi-wavelength models, M is for single wavelength models, F.O. indicates the Fibre-optic variant.

Model No. Temp. Measuring Range Detector Effective Wavelength Application
M100 500 to 1800 °C 1µm Iron & Steel / Hot Rolling Mill / Glass / Metal Forging
M100 F.O. 500 to 1800 °C 1µm Glass / Forging
M160 250 to 1600 °C 1.6µm Hot Rolling Mill / Forging / Heat Treating
M160 F.O. 250 to 1600 °C 1.6µm Heat Treating / Forging
M210 50 to 1100 °C 2.3µm Cold Rolling, Galvanealing, Weld pre-heating
R100 550 to 1800 °C 1.0µm and 1.2µm Iron & Steel / Hot Rolling Mill / Rod/Bar
R100 F.O. 550 to 1800 °C 1.0µm and 1.2µm Poly-silicon / Forging / Heat Treating
R160 550 to 1600 °C 1.0µm and 1.5µm Heat Treating
R160 F.O. 550 to 1600 °C 1.0µm and 1.5µm Heat Treating
R210 125 to 1100 °C 2.1µm and 2.4µm Induction Heating, Wedge measurement




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