LS | Crosshair Laser

thermoMETER LS Infrared thermometer with crosshair laser sightingthermoMETER LS Infrared thermometer with crosshair laser sighting. The LS is the most sophisticated IR hand held device. It provides an accurate measurement with its precision optics (adjustable for close or far field focus) and marks the actual true measurement with a laser crosshair, eliminating the guesswork out of handheld IR devices. It is fully programmable, offers a digital interface for on and offline data logging and includes a thermocouple plug in.

  • Measuring range from -35° to +900°C
  • The new performance standard with spot sizes as small as 1mm
  • Crosshair laser sighting marks the actual spot size at any distance
  • Optical resolution 75:1
  • Response time 150ms
  • Thermocouple input
  • USB interface and graphic software with oscilloscope function
  • Multi function flip display
  • Programmable emissivity
  • High and low limits
  • Statistical data processing

Infrared Thermometer Specificaties


Temperature range -35 to 900°C
Spectral response 8 to 14μm
Optical resolution 75:1
System accuracy ±0.75°C or ±0.75%
Temperature coefficient ±0.05°C or ±0.05%
Response time(95%) 150ms
Repeatability ±0.5°C or ±0.5%
Switchable to focus 1mm @ 62mm (90%)
Smallest spot 1mm
Laser class II
Standard focus patented crosshair laser (crosshair size = IR spot size@any distance)
Close focus two point laser (laser dot size = IR spot size@focus distance)
Emissivity/gain 0.100 to 1.100 (adjustable)
Configurations MAX/MIN/HOLD/DIF/AVG/°C/°F
Alarm functions audible and visible HIGH/LOW alarm
Display LC flip display (horizontal and vertical viewing directions controlled by position sensor)
LCD backlight green and alarm colours (red, blue)
Bar graph auto scaling
Weight  420g
EMV 89/336/EWG
Vibration/Shock IEC 68-2-6: 3 G, 11-200Hz, any axis IEC 68-2-27: 50 G, 11ms duration, any axis
Temperature range t/c probe input -35 to 900°C (-30 to 1650°F)
Accuracy t/c probe input ±0.75°C or ±1% of reading
Interface data output USB
Data memory 100 measurement protocols with time stamps, customizable 4 digit location and material names
Software Compact Connect oscilloscope software with 20 readings per second
Power battery 2xAA Alkaline or via USB
Battery life time 5h with laser on and 50% backlight use
10h with laser on and w/o backlight
25h w/o laser and backlight Logo Meer informatie of direct bestellen

Op kunt u bovenstaande infrarood thermometers direct bestellen.

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