FTI-Eb Furnace Monitoring

Thermal Imaging for Continuous Process Monitoring and Quality Control. When thermal imaging inside refractory lined furnaces or boilers is required the plant operator is required to cut large openings in the refractory to enable viewing of the critical area. This can cause significant wasted energy from heat loss through the opening and can be difficult to keep the opening free from debris.With the introduction of the FTI-Eb BoreScope it is possible to use the proven technology of the LAND FTI-E 391 thermal imager to accurately profile the temperature of the entire furnace with only a small opening in the wall.

Key Benefits

  • Wide angle imaging inside the vessel to maximise coverage of the products
  • High performance water cooling system with low water flow requirements even in the highest temperature furnaces
  • Integrated air purge to keep the optical system clear of debris, while consuming minimal instrument air
  • Optional Auto-retraction mechanism to protect the imager should the water cooling or air purge supply fail


The FTI-E Thermal Imaging camera is an integral part of the LAND intelligent imaging solution, and is complemented by an extensive range of dedicated system peripherals.

LAND Image Processing Software

  • On-line system providing flexible, application specific thermal analysis
  • FTI-E Control Processors
  • Optional industrial processor providing local process control, configuration and process visualisation
  • Industrial Housing
  • Designed to protect the imager in even the harshest of operating environments and ensures reliable continuous operation

Technical Details

FTI-E Thermal Imager
Measurement range
600 to 1600 °C
Spectral response
nominal 3.9 µm
Frame rate
30 frames per second
Image pixels
384 x 288
Detector type
Uncooled amorphous silicon focal plane array
System measurement accuracy
System temperature measurement drift with ambient temperature
0.2 ° indicated / 1 ° ambient (°C or °F)
(Imager & Control Processor or PC, ° indicated / ° ambient)
System thermal resolution (rms value)
< 0.3 °C
Ambient temperature range
5 to 50 °C
IP 65 / NEMA 4
0.5mm, 10 to 60 Hz; 3g, 60 to 300 Hz
CE Certification
EN 61326: 1999 B
Field of View
30° or 60°
Probe Length
588.5 mm / 23”
Probe Diameter
88.9 mm / 3.5”
DN 100 PN 16
Other flange options available on request
Dimensions (overall) h x w x l
258 x 269 x 905 mm
32.5 kg
IP 67 / NEMA 4


Borescope 30
0.5 m / 19” min. focus
Field of View 30° x 22.5°
Borescope 60
0.5 m / 19” min. focus
Field of View 60° x 45°
Distance from
object (m)
Target Area
Pixel Area
Target Area
Pixel Area
1 m
0.54 x 0.40 m
1.4 mm
1.15 x 0.83 m
3.6 mm
5 m
2.68 x 1.99 m
6.9 mm
5.77 x 4.14 m
18.0 mm
10 m
5.36 x 3.98 m
13.8 mm
11.55 x 8.28 m
36.1 mm
15 m
8.04 x 5.97 m
20.7 mm
17.32 x 12.43 m
54.1 mm
20 m
10.72 x 7.96 m
27.6 mm
23.09 x 16.57 m
72.2 mm


Download Datasheet
Overview FTI-e serie
Datasheet FTI-Borescope


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