Process Imaging

Land Instruments | ARC
Infrared Linescanner
 The LAND LSP-HD LANDSCAN Infrared Linescanner products. Scanning performance of 1000 data points at up to 150Hz sets a new benchmark…
Infrared Thermal Imaging

A range of General Purpose Thermal Imaging Cameras which are rugged enough for Heavy Industrial Applications, while compact enough for use in Automation…
Process Imaging Software

The LANDSCAN WCA software builds upon the proven capabilities of the fully featured LANDSCAN for Windows products…
Land Instruments | FTIeb Land Instruments | NIR
Fixed Thermal Imaging

High resolution radiometric thermal imagers, giving detailed temperature information transmitted via a high speed digital connection …
Furnace Monitoring

Thermal imaging inside refractory lined furnaces or boilers. With the introduction of the FTI-Eb BoreScope it is possible to use the proven technology of the LAND…
Thermal Imaging Camera

A fixed thermal imager for high temperature measurement and thermal imaging. Direct Ethernet cable connection for display, recording, alarms, analysis …
Conveyor Belt

Early Detection of hotspots on the conveyor to prevent fires along the conveyor …
NIR – Borescope
Profiles inside Furnaces
Installs through the outer wall and is sealed to process, giving a precise, continuous view…

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