Aluminium Strip Thermometer – AST The Land Aluminium Strip Thermometer system is specifically designed to provide the aluminium hot rolling industry with a solution to one of its most difficult problems – accurate and reproducible temperature measurement of bright, semi-finished … Continue reading


Aluminium Die Preheat Thermometer The Aluminium Die Thermometer (ADT) is designed specifically to provide temperature measurement of the die prior to being loaded into the press. Why Measure Temperature? Dies are preheated because hot, extruding aluminium coming into contact with … Continue reading


Aluminium Quench Thermometer This thermometer uses the same technology as AET and has been designed specifically to provide accurate temperature measurement at the quench exit. The information it provides can be used in conjunction with data from the die exit … Continue reading


Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer – AET   The Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer (AET)provides responsive, continuous measurements of the extruded section at the die exit.   Key Features & Benefits   Straight from the box operation. Stability. Measurement at distance. Temperature and surface … Continue reading


Aluminium Billet Thermometer – ABT This thermometer is designed specifically to provide fast and accurate measurement of temperature on the cylindrical surface of billets – either a spot measurement or a complete lengthwise profile. Key Features Fully integrated temperature measurement … Continue reading