Other Solutions

Temperature Solutions with Land Instruments extensive range of on-line and portable radiation thermometers and systems are used to provide many temperature solutions. The infrared thermometer, infrared linescanners and thermal imagers are used extensively in applications as diverse as Ceramics, Chemical/Petrochemical, … Continue reading

Metal Processing

LAND manufacture a range of measurement instruments specifically designed for metals processing industries which are used throughout the world. All are designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate measurements under plant operating conditions. GST – … Continue reading



LAND, acknowledged leaders in the field of glass temperature measurement, have supplied the glass container and hollowware industry throughout the world with temperature measuring equipment for over 55 years. Today, LAND manufacture a whole range of measurement instruments specifically designed … Continue reading


CDA Combustion

Waste Incinerators The CDA thermometer is intended for measurement of the atmosphere temperature in waste incinerators.It can be used for gas or flame temperature measurement in a variety of other plant situations provided there is sufficient path length. Its reading is … Continue reading


RT8A Single Loop Thermometer

Rugged, High-Performance Infrared Thermometers The new Land RT8A infrared thermometers provide cost effective, accurate and reliable temperature measurement of moving materials, webs or inaccessible objects without contact. Key Features Adjustable response time. High accuracy and repeatability. Long term, drift-free measurement. … Continue reading