Galvanneal Strip Thermometer

Galvanising/Galvanneal Strip Thermometer The Land GST has been specifically developed to provide continuous and accurate measurement of both temperature and emissivity on coated steel strip during the galvanneal reaction. Key Features Accurate non contact temperature measurement on steel during the … Continue reading


Plate and Float Glass - Land Instruments

Plate and Float Glass JRG/A Glass Thermometer With Water Cooled P/J Probe Plate and float glass temperatures during the cooling and annealing processes must be kept extremely uniform or with carefully controlled gradients. The temperature uniformity of the glass across … Continue reading


Vapour Deposition Thermometer - Land Instruments

Vapour Deposition Thermometer Efficient, high yield production of low loss, high bandwidth optical fibre for telecommunication demands precise measurement and control of preform temperature during the various deposition processes employed. The temperature of the preform in the burner zone, where … Continue reading